Full day: Flight to the Nazca lines + Metallic viewpoints Nazca/Palpa and wine tourism in Ica + buggies/sandboarding in Huacachina lagoon with transfer from Paracas in private mobility – exclusive service

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Meet the most famous and enigmatic figures of Peru, more than 2000 years old, the lines of Nazca remain a mystery. In a totally safe plane we will be able to visualize these wonderful geoglyphs with forms of marine animals, birds, geometric figures, etc. In the company of a certified pilot and a professional guide in tourism, It will tell you in detail the meaning of the figures that the Nazca civilization left us.

Afterwards, we will visit the hot city of Ica. This city stands out for its traditional cuisine based on green pallar and wineries where they elaborate our flag liqueur “pisco” and delicious wines, which bring with them history of Iqueñas families, which promote wine tourism in the region.


  • City tour Ica - Metallic viewpoints (Palpa and Nazca) - 12 Nazca lines


  • Transfer from your hotel in Paracas to the Maria Reich airfield in Nazca.
  • Transfer from Nazca to Ica - Huacachina
  • Mobility at your disposal until you finish your tour
  • About flight on nazca lines
  • metallic viewpoints route
  • Wine and Pisco tasting
  • Permanent Assistance.
  • Official bilingual tour guide.
  • Tourist fees.
  • Food and drink.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Extras.


04:50 AM Reception at your respective accommodation in Paracas to transfer them to the city of Nazca.

05:00 AM Paracas exit towards Palpa -nazca

07:30 AM arrival at the metallic viewpoint of Llipata in Palpa where we will stay for 30 minutes, to observe zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures, one of them is the figure of the Paracas family.

08:00 AM will leave towards the metal viewpoint of nazca

09:40 AM Continuing with the tour we will stop at the metallic viewpoint of Nazca, which is 13 meters high. We visualize 3 of its emblematic figures: the tree, the hand, the lizard and its extensive desert.

10:10 AM We start our route to Nazca, Maria Reiche Airfield.

10:20 PM – 10:55 AM We will board a small plane in the direction of the Nazca Lines, arriving we will observe figures depicted in the desert at 1500 feet high. They can only be seen from the air and so that they can observe them from different angles, the plane will lean back and forth.

11:00 AM We will descend from the plane to board our private mobility to head to the city of the eternal sun-Ica, for our city tour.

01:30 PM We start the tour visiting the Nietto vineyard in Ica, this wine company has a family tradition since 1856, we will taste the delicious piscos, wines, mistelas, macerates and creams of the city of Ica, accompanied by a professional tour guide while explaining the process of elaboration.

02:10 PM Lunch at the restaurant Tres Niettos, located in the same winery, where you can taste our exquisite cuisine that will delight your palate. They have a varied menu of their choice.

04:00 PM – 04:20 PM We leave for Laguna de Huacachina for our next extreme adventure.

04:30 PM – 05:00 PM You will have time available to observe nature and walk on the boulevard of local crafts.

05:00 PM – 06:00 PM Start the tour in Buggies through the Iqueño desert, going up and down at full speed until you reach the ideal point where you slide through the imposing dunes in Sandboard. Accompanied by a wonderful sunset.

06:10 PM Our Full Day ends and we return to the district of Paracas, the return point previously established.


13 hours
full day






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